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Simply said.. we help our clients stay out of the hospital by creating a realistic plan for staying at home safely, or assisting with a transition to the next level of care if needed. 

We specialize in working with the whole family, not just the client.

We are also available to help implement ongoing support after Medicare Home Health goals have been met and services are still needed. 

  • Advocacy 
  • Preventing Hospitalization/ Re-Hospitalization
  • Medication Management​
  • Attending Doctor's visits 
  • Wolfe Eye Clinic appointment transportation and companion
  • Professional Social Worker Assistance with Medicaid applications
  • Out of Town Family Caregiver support
  • Navigating Healthcare system choices
  • Specializing in helping your family keep balance when there is a history of trauma that creates a unique set of circumstances

We know that it is challenging to be a family caregiver.  You're trying to take care of many responsibilities and making it happen for the whole family... and trying to work and manage some time for yourself too.  

Let us help you create a realistic plan and then walk by your side to make sure it really happens... especially if safety or stubbornness are issues of concern. 

Many of our clients have:

  • Family concerns about ability to safely to remain at home, driving safely, or preparing nutritious meals
  • Changing health conditions (debility, dehydration, UTIs, falls, memory, loss of vision, etc.)
  • Falls
  • Loss of abilities to manage the things they once used to
  • Hospitalizations, repeat hospitalizations, frequent doctor's visits
  • Concerns about multiple medications, anticoagulants or other high risk medications
  • Out-of-town family or adult children who want to be part of the communication and decision making
  • Loved ones who want to be in control of their choices and options...and to understand what they are in the first place

Please take a look around our website and meet some of our friends, family, and the people who inspire us to keep trying to make a difference. If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us. We hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to our website. 515-554-5489

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